We imported automation equipment from Europe for windows frame production. The tools are flexible and multi-functional and are able to ensure the high precision.

German SCM CNC
CNC machine tool, intelligent positioning, can make irregular shape windows, have better precision and efficiency than normal tools. Working accuracy ±0.1mm/m2.

Italian SCM Moulder
Rotate speed 8000 rpm, improve the degree of finishing.

Italian automation painting line
Imported from Italy matches the drying system, perfect match supply a better solucion for friendly environment.

German SIKKENS water lacquer.
Moisture proof.
UV resistance.
Breathing coating.
Any color you want.

Water lacquer is organic lacquer which is extracted from plant. It is micro molecule compund and has very strong permeability and adhesive force. Water lacquer can permeate gap between wood molecule, which can resist wood erosion, mould, insect pest and protect the wood profile very well.

The Advantages of Water Lacquer

Paint film wood fused very well and shows the wood natural grain.
The good permeating primer improves the wood waterproof performance and avoid the wood getting bended.
Good weather fastness can reduce the UV affect and not easy to fade.
Ease to maintain, polish the previous paint and then paint 1-2 times the same color will make it new.


Each Moser handle, not only one hard refined Germany made metal, but also a visual impact artwork. In addition, it is communicator of your personality and style

Variety of Shapes

Moser wood-alu windows nearly have no limit of shape, triangle, oval, round, heart shapped, etc. All can meet your personal requirement.


All moser doors and windows use energy saving hollow glass.
The windows have better performance in warm keeping, the U value is 1.5W, achieve the maximum international level on the performance of warm keeping in doors and windows area : class 10.


5mm+12A+5mm Low-e hollow glass, the inside area adopt tempered glass, the outside area adopt Low-e glass. The gap between the two glass is filled with argon. This kind of glass has better performance in warm keeping and heat insulation. Compare the Low-e hollow glass with the usual hollow glass, the performance in heat insulation increase 50% and the performance in enery saving increase 30%.
The Low-e glass is also called low radiation glass, the coating has good performance in tramission of the visible light and reflection in infrared ray. Compare the Low-e glass with the traditional coating glass, the Low-e glass has a better performance in heat insulation and trasmission of light.


Termpered glass is a kind of reforced glass, usually adopts chemical or physical method, the surface of the glass affords the pressure at first then increase the load - bearing capacity of the glass.

The advantage of the tempered glass:
The bending strength of tempered glass is three to five times stronger than the usual glass and the impact strength is five to ten times stronger than the usual glass. At the same time, the tempered glass provides an additional layer of security.
The high load capacity change the property of the usual glass that it is not easy to fragile, even though the fragments of the broken tempered glass have no sharp part, reduce the injuring to our health.
The tempered glass has good performance in thermal shock resistance and can prevent the explosions effectivly.


The bullet proof glass is made of multilayer glass and PVB materials, the thickness is above 20mm. It's a kind of safty glass that can prevent the bullets. Our company can provide various kinds of bullet proof glass.

Aluminum surface

Aluminum surface from electrostatic powder coating spraying process, upgraded to a liquid electrostatic spray process.
The painting of the aluminum change from electrostatic spraying to PVDF coating.
The PVDF coating except has the same performance with electrostatic spraying, also has good performance in air pollution resistance, fade resistance, frost resistance, UV resistance.
Various colour to be chosed and it also has a wide range of application