The long life of steel windows is supported by the appropriate hardware.
The hardware is not only durable; it complements the elegant and timeless appearance that is unique to the steel window.
Made from high quality noble materials such as brass and stainless steel. this fittings are highly sustainable and available in a range of hardwearing, attractive finishes like satin nickel plate or imitation bronze to suit any application.

There are matching styles of casement fasteners and stays for commercial and residential applications. A selection of handles, stays, folding openers, hinges, pivots, catches and bolts enable the window to open in a variety of ways.
Concealed friction stay hinges and multi-point locking bolts present a clean uncluttered appearance, enhancing the slender lines of several product ranges.
The concealed multi-point locking system provides higher security for the W30 and W40 range, enabling it to meet the “Secured by Design” standard.
Key-lockable bolts are face-mounted or concealed in double leaf application and are available in extra-long lengths for high reach applications.

The combination of established durable materials and modern manufacturing methods offers a range of fittings, which provide a traditional appearance, as well as high security and long life.

Soho Collection
Berkeley Collection
Deco Collection
B557 (3L) - Brass
Window Handle Wedge
B558 (3S) - Brass
Window Handle Wedge
B559 (7S) - Brass
Window Handle Wedge
B650 (5S) - Brass
Window Handle Wedge
B651 (5L) - Brass
Window Handle Wedge
B555 (6S) - Brass
Window Handle Wedge
B556 (6L) - Brass
Window Handle Wedge
  • Replacements for 0502 & 0504
  • 0822 = Lever operation
  • 0824 = Knob operation
  • Now with reversible cassette system for onsite handing
  • Narrow Design - Particularly suitable for windows
  • Outside handles also available to provide the option of operaKon from both sides when fitted to a door
  • Replacements for 0506 and 0506NL
  • 0836 - lever operation (0846 - non-locking version)
  • 00837 - knob operation (0847 - non-locking version)
  • New cassette-type internal operating mechanism
  • 5 lever mechanism standard on lockable version
  • Outside handles are also available to provide the option of operating and locking from both sides of the door
  • Strong new lever/knob fixing improves performance
  • Standard rod lengths suit opening of 2134mm (84”)
Multipoint Handle
S4463 - Lockable Concealed Restrictor
HJ - 550.220 rawn steel
Weld-on hinge
lenght 180mm, ø 20mm,
sleeve and washer made of special bronze
YS - 550.229 rawn steel
Weld-on hinge
lenght 180mm, ø 20mm,
sleeve and washer made of special bronze
YS - 550.276 rawn steel
Weld-on hinge
lenght 180mm, ø 20mm,
sleeve and washer made of special bronze
BS1260/50 Slim-line but hinge 50mm
B203 Bullet Lift Off Large Hinge
B543 Traditional Corner Rivet and Weld-on Hinge
B528M Slim-line Top Hung window hinge
B6/2 Traditional Pivot for Horizontal and Vertical windows
B36 Spring Catch with ring pull
S739 Spring Catch Plate Concealed Fixing
557.135 (225mm)
B85C150 Concealed Slim-Line 150mm long Key Lockable Bolt
B85C450 Concealed Slim-Line 450mm long Key Lockable Bolt
7250 (DEINAR)
DAMER5850 (China shuang shan)
DA07-1701VX121CB (DEINAR)
DA07-6819WN734ORB (DEINAR)
DA07-170GD650CW (DEINAR)
DA07-6818WN735ORB (DEINAR)