Recommendation Products: Moser Solid Wood Windows
Specification: 6mm+12A+6mm
Wood window fire reatardancy
A. PVC window profile will be softening from 110ºC to 130ºC. Refractory performance is very poor. It generate lots of smoke and toxic gases during burning, which makes the indoor environment more dangerous.
B. Aluminum windows melting point is about 650ºC, the frame will be soften, molten and collapse in few minutos. The glass will be fall off and the refractory performance will be lost.
C. By contrast, wood profile has excelent refractory performance. Wood profile start burning and carbide, carbide layer isolate the wood and fire, which improve the affordable temperature and time. Wood window can burn 0.5 hours in the fire from 700ºC to 900ºC. There are only a quarter of wood carbided, which stop the fire burn to the interior. The double color potassium glass can protect the whole window from collapse and stop the fire spread to other places.

From the diagram, we can see that, in the same time, Moser wood windows refractory performance is the best. The frame is almost complete. The other two windows frames have been demaged. The Moser wood window with corresponding level fire-proof glass can completely meet the requirements to fire prevention.