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Amighini offers you expert metalizing services in-shop for all our hand forged products. Appropriate for any number of industrial, commercial and artistic applications, metalizing is a thermal spray process where a hard protective coating is applied to the prepared surface as a primer or base coat. It will provide you long lasting corrosion protection, increasing the life of your part or surface up to 30%. Whereas paint offers you about 5 years of effective protection, metalizing gives you potentially 20 years or more.

We offer two thermal coatings: metalizing and powder coating. For those of you who may be new to the process, it always begins with sand blasting to clean and prepare the surface for the desired coating. The sand blasting removes any rust, mill scale and oils. If the part is to be metalized, it receives a 2 to 3 mill profile. A lesser profile is required for powder coatings. Once the surface is prepared, the protective coating is applied according to the technique you select. A part to be metalized will receive the coating no less than 4 hours after sand blasting. Once the coating is applied, your part is ready to be shipped back to you. The many benefits associated with thermal coatings can be found on the pages describing each of our three available processes. Keep in mind that Amighini can work on any shape or size part. Whatever your need, we can accommodate you. Contact us for any question you may have.

The benefits for your items are:
- Up to 50% Extended life for parts, railings, gates and iron doors
- Up to 10x Harder, more durable surface
- Up to 3x longer life than paint
- Corrosion prevention
- Prevent further wear
- Service to any size part, Gazebos, Driveway Gates, etc.

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