Living environment is important for our life and work

Our every wooden window designed by master architect, it supply us confortable living environment with its safety, heat insulation, sound proof performance, wooden windows also show life style and personal taste.

MOSER represents top quality, unique handicraft, high-end material quality and perfect appearance-this is approved by 60 years of experience.

Amighini and Moser Windows and Doors have partnered and entered into an exclusive licensing agreement for U.S. distribution rights. Amighini Custom Windows and Doors with locations in Jersey City, New Jersey and Anaheim California will begin to distribute these highly anticipated “Thermally Broken” Aluminum and Wood Clad Windows and Doors from Moser that is based in Germany.

Moser was founded in 1955 by Thomas Moser in Stuttgart City, Germany and for over 6 decades has manufactured high-end aluminum and aluminum clad windows and doors with distribution in Europe, Asia and Australia. Moser produces custom luxury “Thermally Broken” aluminum and aluminum clad windows and doors in several colors and finishes and using only the finest materials available. Each and every window and door manufactured by Moser are carefully handcrafted to perfection from meticulous hand selection of materials, 20 point inspection in production to ensure that every finished product meet the finest end-result and built with exceptional craftsmanship to detail.

Sebastian Amighini CEO / Co-Founder, “we are pleased and excited to announce our joint venture and partnership with Moser as this agreement adds scale and additional products to our North America business thus provides significant strength to our pipeline and enhances our window and door division”.