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  • CODE: WF | CA618
  • Engineered Vintage Wood Flooring

  • Parquet Engineered vintage wood flooring With a wash of our exclusive Aging Formula to bring out their grain, our Vintage Parquet are the perfect way to bring an immediate sense of character to even the newest interior or to fit effortlessly into existing period rooms to become an instant old friend
    Like the rest of our Vintage Floors collection our Vintage Oak Parquet panels have a gently hand made distressed surface with a soft Amighini patina It is finished with 7 coats of polyurethanefor high traffic Price per PANEL #CA618
  • Keywords: Engineered, Wood, Flooring, Vintage, Parquet, Patina, California
  • Overall Dimension: 27 1/2" w x 0 3/4" h 27 1/2" d
  • Material: Reclaimed Oak Wood

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